About Us

zHakim P.L.C is a cooperative technology based company founded by a group of talented innovators in information technology and entrepreneurs in business united under the vision of solving the society’s day to day problems and making life easier by means of technological innovation, support, and advancement. We focus on collaborative approach to align business processes and information systems to drive efficiency and create sustainable value for businesses. We utilize business acumen, technology expertise, and experience in project management and IT operations to shape and implement objectives.

Our Mission

We work towards a world in which everyone can become the best versions of themselves and use what the world has to offer to the fullest by making the process of acquiring and sharing wisdom easier and expanding horizons until none are left to hold back the pursuit of one’s passion and the achievement of excellence

Services we provide

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Graphics and web design

We are experts in making custom visualizers, intro videos, special effects and designing impressive websites that are tailored to the needs and specifications of our clients.

ICT System solutions for any organization

We provide IT system solutions for any organizations which need the implementation of technology for the better productivity. we provide the best specialized IT system that will be designed to your organizational need.

Cloud storage and digital library

An unlimited cloud based storage where you can upload everything from your pictures and videos to your contacts and memos and access all of them with all your devices.

Social media division

We provide an interactive social media platform where users can interact, share ideas and information, follow their passion by joining our hobby groups and so much more.

e-commerce platform

Home of the first comprehensive online payment system in Ethiopia. Access your money and purchase goods online with just a few clicks on your smart devices.

Call To Action

We are deploying zHakim Educational platform and zHakim e-commerce platform anyone interested in being the part of the test and deployment pleas go our call to action page here


Our Productivity Scale

Graphics and web design 93%
Android app development 90%
web based platform and Native app 75%
computer system solutions 75%


We are group of hard working talented professionals working every waking hour for achievement of our mission here are some interesting Fact you might like to know






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Hard Workers

Our Portfolio

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Our Clients



Here are the mind that thought of zHakim and working day and night to make it reality. though here are few since it would be difficulty to list them all.

Fasil Shambel

Fasil Shambel

Chief Executive Officer CEO

Dr. Eyuel Alelmayehu

Chief Oprations officer COO

Dr. Abel Mastie

Chief Technology Officer

Besufekad Tesfu

Chief of Business

Ephrem Niguse

Chief of Engineiring

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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